Information for preachers


Can Preacher expect to be contacted by a church steward?
Yes, during the previous week.  Hymn numbers & 'first lines' please,
as we like to project the hymns, where possible. 
Book, Chapter and Verse of your Bible readings is also useful.
An Order of Service is helpful in preparing for projection,
please, so everything can be in the correct order on screen.
If you require something special to be projected,
plese contact Paul directly, and in good time.

We do not have copies of the Methodist Worship Book;
we do have the older Methodist Service Book

Please Note: New Projector being installed in sanctuary by end of January 2018

(for Hymn words-on-screen)

See Presentation Equipment below.

Hymn Books available:
Preferred hymn books in this order -
Hymns and Psalms; 
Songs of Fellowship (1, 2 & 3 combined - not book 4); 
Mission Praise (1st Edition only).

Please note: We do NOT have 'Singing the Faith'

Pew Bibles?
No, but various Bibles/translations available for congregational use.

Musical Accompaniment:
Organ (Clavinova).

Any Worship Leaders?
Yes, currently only one; please see Spotlight Magazine. 
Also, Readers are usually available.

Presentation Equipment:
Audio/Visual desk with CD,  DVD,  Hymns-on-screen facility
usually in operation

Please supply duty steward (or projectionist) with order-of-service
if available, during the week previous to your appointment,
pre-programming on computer
Computer point available for preacher's own laptop, if needed.
Also input for preacher's CD player access into sound system.
Please be aware that items presented to the projectionist
just before the service DO NOT NECESSARILY WORK !

Lord's Prayer:

Junior Church:
No, but children may be present occasionally.

Printed Notice sheet, usually including Prayer List.
On-screen notices also, if available.

Taken as and when preacher requests.

At beginning of Service, usually by Duty Steward.


1 Clip-on mic, 1 Lectern mic, 1 hand radio mic.  Loop system in operation.

Lectern only - no Pulpit.

Access for Disabled:
Throughout the building.

Service Structure:
Preacher's choice.