Ministers at Birdwell

Our Minister at Birdwell from 1st September, 2015

 is Rev Mick Neal, who, along with Mrs Ellie Peet our Lay Worker.

has pastoral care of the Methodist Church, Barnsley South:-

Birdwell, Hoyland, Pilley, Wombwell, Valley Darfield,

Darfield Wesley, and Great Houghton.

Contact Mick for Baptisms, Weddings or Funerals at Birdwell,

or for personal matters.

Rev Mick Neal, 12 Orchard Croft, Dodworth, Barnsley S75 3QY   Tel: 01226 770422

Rev Mick Neal
Rev Mick Neal.

Mrs Ellie Peet
Telephone: 07746 954086


Rev Bob Whitfield (2002-07)

Rev Jon Bellfield (2007-2011)

Rev Mark Reasbeck (2011-2011)

Rev Kristin Markay (2011-15)

In the near future, we hope to produce a list
of previous ministers of the old church on
Chapel Street at Birdwell, now demolished.

Rev A V Oxborrow (1952-?)

Rev Samuel Page (1963-66)

Rev Keith Parker (  -  )

Rev Albert E Gibbins (1972-77)

Rev T Alan Anderson (1977-81)

Rev Joan Turner (1981-85)

Rev Neil Stubbens (1985-90)

Rev Cyril Blount (1990-??)

Rev Bryan Gates (19??-96)

Rev Pauline Gates (1996-98)

Rev Ann Brown (1998-99)

Rev Jeremy (Jem) Hawkins (1999-02)


Anyone with addittional information please get in touch!